Natural Healing Range

NZ Herbs and Seaweed Healing Ointment
Excellent for deep cuts and surface cuts, eczema, boils, piles, itchy bites, burns, grazes, cold sores....the only ointment you need in the medicine cabinet!

50gm: $35, or order 2 creams for $60


  • Karamu for itching;
  • Miro antiseptic for bruises and wounds;
  • Kawakawa for aches, pains and cuts;
  • Flax root for cuts and burns;
  • Kohekohe for inflammation and bleeding;
  • Manuka (Ti Tree) a natural antiseptic;
  • Karaka for wounds;
  • Karengo seaweed to soothe and heal;
  • Lavender oil for burns;
  • Grape seed oil to aid healing;
  • Rescue remedy for shock.

Infused on low heat into Lanolin & strained. The NZ native wild herbs are hand-picked and hand pressed.


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